Dear Soul Friend,

My name is Dr. Kit Evans-Ford and I am a Certified Spiritual Director with a Doctor of Ministry in Spiritual Direction. It is my goal and commitment to journey with you on your spiritual journey, ultimately assisting you in gaining a closer relationship with God.  I serve men, women, and children! You are such a gift to the world. There are often times as parents, significant others, brothers, sisters, friends, and leaders that can be intense. We wear so many hats. Because of our leadership, sometimes it is difficult to allow ourselves to be vulnerable and work through the things that may sometimes bother us. The things that when our world slows down we think about, reflect on, and wish we had someone to talk to about it. I started Spirit Life LLC, Spiritual Direction for Everyday People.  As a spiritual director I journey with you as you deepen your relationship with God. The journey takes place in the context of confidential one-on-one sessions with me as your spiritual companion at my safe space and office in Davenport, Iowa or online via Skype. I not only journey with you, but also provide spiritual care resources to assist you in working through everyday life and prayerfully deepening your relationship with God. What is God saying to you in the midst of the hustle and bustle of everyday life? Would you be interested in scheduling an appointment?

Schedule your complimentary session today. It would be my pleasure to become your soul friend, spiritual companion, spiritual director.  You can find me anytime at drkitford@gmail.com and 563.293.8018.

Thank you for your time and I pray you continue to extend care and compassion to yourself in the midst of the hustle and bustle of your everyday life. You are so deserving of it!


Dr. Kit